Oh my solo
Steve left, Mike right, Ryan our paramedic center

Bios and Bioflavanoids:

Myler and Starr
are the combined forces of Mike Scholl (Myler - guitar, vocals) and Steve Estabrook (Starr - guitar, bass, keys, vocals).

Okay, why the name "Myler and Starr?"
Our first gig together was at an open mic hosted by Fox and Goose's Dave Baldwin. We filled out the sign up sheet for "Mike and Steve," while the pints and pinot poured into pitchers and puckered lips.
Finally, it came our time to play. We plugged in, tuned up and turned to face our delightfully inebriated and far-sighted host who blathered, "Who is this, Myler and Starr?" And it was so.

Both Mike and Steve have been active in the Sacramento music scene for a couple of decades in various guises in clubs, coffee shops.

Mike has produced two CDs under the moniker Michael Willoughby (A Stop and Willoughby and Bodie Hotel). .

Steve, as Helicopter Steve and Steve Kent, has produced a body of instrumental and electronic-based music, inclulding "In the Dark of the City."

Funny, somber, energetic and provoking - often at the same time - Myler and Starr fuses traditional elements of blues, folk and country with the post-punk sensibilities of bands like X, the Minutemen, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Three OClock and Bowie.

Check out our CD, "Swoop to the Tonic"


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